AmiWest 2021 - Call for Speakers

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AmiWest 2021 - Call for Speakers

Post by Jerry »

Hi Everyone,
I'm arranging speakers for the Oct 16th/17th AmiWest 2021 show. I saw a presentation at Amiga Ireland which introduced me to the Amiga Raytracing Society and would like to extend an opportunity for someone to present the Society and/or your projects at the Show this year. We are running a Hybrid show this year with speakers being remote-live, pre-recorded, and at the Venue (Sacramento, California). If anyone is interested in participating, please let me know an we can discuss details.

Jerry Gray - SACC VP (

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Re: AmiWest 2021 - Call for Speakers

Post by muadib »

Hi Jerry,

Thank you for the opportunity and the honor for giving the Society the opportunity to communicate the history, activities and goals of the Society. It would be great to attract more people that have either been engaged before or would like to find out more and create in Amiga Audio/Video, Ray Tracing and everything Amiga Art!

If it is OK with everyone, I'd like to volunteer for that! :D
- muadib

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Re: AmiWest 2021 - Call for Speakers

Post by fxgogo »

Happy to help out in some way.

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