Viper MkII render

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Re: Viper MkII render

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Jay22 wrote: Wed Apr 15, 2020 10:04 pm Thanks I will try that, i have been using the v4 and lightwave for the last few days it's definitely quicker at playing ham8 in hires than my 060. But there's a few bugs they need to iron out on the v4, with the aga/saga chipset and trimmings ect. But it gets better with each update. The v2 uses the amigas on board aga, but you get 6080 and rtg. But your are always limited in performance by the a1200 bus speed. So not sure how quick it will be at playing ham8 in hires.
I see,
My main concern for upgrading is Layout speed and response, since it is virtually crawling when doing IK and rigging so any improvement in speed while keeping AGA would be great.

V4 is the next step after the A1200 gets Vampirized, though.
- muadib
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Re: Viper MkII render

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Nice work!

I would be interested to see how you’ve setup the weapons fire. It’s something I’ve never had to tackle before.
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