Lightwave 3.5 render resetting

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Lightwave 3.5 render resetting

Post by amifan »

Hi guys, I am using Lightwave 3.5 on an A1200, I have been getting a simple scene set up however once I have placed the camera, lights and objects where I want them, when I go to render it resets all the positions of the objects, lights and camera view to the default position. It seems to keep the position data just until I press Render after that it resets the positions and renders the scene incorrectly. Anyone else encountered this issue? I used Lightwave back in 95 on my A1200 and I do not remember this problem cropping up. Thanks in advance :)
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Re: Lightwave 3.5 render resetting

Post by fxgogo »

Hi Amifan. I am not a Lightwave expert, but are there any default keyframes on those objects? If there are, maybe you need to set a key frame over them to lock in the new position?
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Re: Lightwave 3.5 render resetting

Post by muadib »

Hi Amifan,

What fxgogo said. Pressing Enter brings up the Keyframe requester. If you are satisfied with the keyframe settings press Enter again.

A good practice is to keyframe each object as soon as you are done with the placement.

An other alternative, if LW 3.5 has it, is to go to Options panel and check the 'Auto key create' option. That will create keyframes automatically as soon as you stop manipulating them in the main Layout screen, which may be just what you are looking for.

Let us know how it went!
- muadib
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