My works on Cinema4D

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My works on Cinema4D

Post by walkero »

Lately, I am experimenting with Cinema 4D water and trying to make something look as good as possible. Of course, it is not even close the water effects Lightwave generates, but I feel it looks quite well.

Below are some tests I have done

And here is a picture I created, using Cinema 4D and ImageFX


Your feedback is more than welcome.
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Re: My works on Cinema4D

Post by fxgogo »

Looking good so far Walkero. C4D is a very capable package and its interface is not as obtuse as Imagine. Loking forward to more.
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Re: My works on Cinema4D

Post by muadib »

Great work Walkero!

Very good with refracting, too!

Does Cinema4D in this version have Geometry Displacement, i.e. applying a texture to the geometry itself? Try to see if it does, since that will make the water truly wavy especially where the cubes intersect water.

Keep them coming!
- muadib
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