Both new to Amiga scene and 3D modelling...

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Both new to Amiga scene and 3D modelling...

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I "formally" started my Amiga hobby since Mid-may this year and there's some detailed description here. Despite some bad news related to it,the reason of staying interested to the Amiga is that I may become able to use some Amiga software to create something myself.
First, I downloaded some fractal software and tried them because I was a hobbyist of fractal art before and I was a bit looking forward to get the lost fractal hobby back by these Amiga softwares. However, it seems that they are either too limited in functionality or too difficult to use. I asked about it on EAB and they said that ZoneXplorer is the most powerful one up to now. I've read the manual of the software and it seems that there're no tutorial for it available. All what I could do is to load existing file and make only some small changes. I've seen some other people's amazing work made on ZoneXplorer but still don't know how to make anything myself...

I need to mention that I am always looking forward to learn 3D modelling because it can make me able to create anything again after I quit fractal art. Also,it seems that there are indeed very little but aren't no possibility to make a living by using modern 3D modelling software... I'm slowly learning
modern version of Cinema 4D and meanwhile learning Lightwave.

So learning Lightwave and other 3D Amiga programs can make me sure that I will be able to creating something on the Amiga eventually and make me sure that even 3D modelling and rendering on whether new or old programs are still hard to me,my future seems clearer when learning it.

Although there's still some bad news that may stop my stay in the Amiga scene,everything positive about the Amiga and the warmth from the Amiga community really makes me feel good... Really hope that Amiga will always be my safe place...!
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